Tooth Decay Is An Imbalance Of Mineral Loss And Replacement

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Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is an imbalance of mineral loss and replacement within a tooth over time in response to acid attacks on a daily basis. These acid attacks are a direct result of food and drink consumption resulting in cavities and decay. The cavity and tooth decay process can be prevented by working closely with a professional dentist and following a thorough at-home dental health routine. Eating the correct foods at the right times and avoiding certain snacks can all help to prevent tooth decay. So let’s take a look at tooth decay and the actual process itself.

Tooth decay is the formation of cavities or dental caries as they’re also known. The process involves three major factors including food and/or beverages consumed, the bacteria within the plaque that builds up and the current state of your oral health. Bacteria will mingle with the food you eat and produce an acidic waste product. These acids then breakdown or demineralise the areas that lie underneath the tooth surface. This breakdown in tooth surface is what we know as tooth decay. It can be much easier to understand if you think about this way: every single time you eat there’s an acid attack on your teeth however there’s a counterattack that occurs when you rinse the food and acid away with the saliva that your body produces. The saliva neutralises the acids whilst containing minerals that can be used to help rebuild the areas of the tooth that were demineralised by the acid attacks. This process of…
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