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Topshop is a popular, high street store. They were first found in 1964 and now have over 300 stores in the UK! They ship to over 100 countries and are the only high street brand to showcase at London fashion week!Topshop are well known for being very stylish and on trend, they have a reputation for high quality, and classy products. They sell products for both men and women (for men in their sister store: Topman.) They sell clothes, accessories, make-up and beauty products, shoes and novelty and gift products. They also have a regularly updated online magazine in which they write about their new collections, collaborations and they occasionally interview celebrities.Advertising: …show more content…

As a result, this has led to mentions and articles in prestigious fashion magazines such as Vogue, this would have been a great achievement for topshop as celebrities and other designers read this magazine, therefore increasing the value of their brand name. Topshop also runs a blog and a YouTube channel, along with many other types of social media that they may use to advertise clothing collections and talk about topics that my interest many people. Topshop is also very well known for their celebrity collaborations with many well known celebrities such as Beyonce, the kardashians and Kate moss, this link and association with these very influential celebrities greatly increases the coverage of their brand.Topshop is primarily aimed at 17-30 year old, ‘catwalk’ fashion conscious females.Prices typically range from £2 to around £700, Topshop is categorised at the higher priced end of high street stores, presumably because of their respected and recognised name and most would agree, their very high quality products.How are Topshop stores …show more content…

This season Topshop are focusing on ‘boutique’ style clothing for their winter collection. This involves a very 80’s revolving style, with the likes of flared trousers, ruffles and cocktail dresses. Topshop describes it as a ‘maximalism of the 80s...with an understated cool thanks to minimal cuts and deconstructed detail’. It is described as very colourful with ‘vivid crushed velvet and magenta-coloured suede’. There is a lot of focus on the proportions to emphasise certain detail, especially on the arms with the likes of bell sleeves, shoulderless garments and oversized jackets.Would a store like Topshop potentially stock my products? I think a store like this would stock my Japanese street style inspired garments. Topshop is a very on-trend, quirky store, they stock many products that have similar traits to that of typical Japanese street style inspired garments, such as being oversized, creative use of patterns, clothing with distressed detail, minimalist detail and styles combined and most importantly they are

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