Total Health-Thinking About Life's Changes By Susan Boe

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I chose two books on health education, the first one I chose was called Total Health- Thinking about Life’s Changes by Susan Boe, which is a textbook for middle school. The other textbook I chose is also by the same author called Total Health- Choices for a Winning Lifestyle for high school students. At first glance both look like they have a lot of information in them and look well organized.
The manual provides teachers with information on what content should be taught. The middle school book contains four broad units on physical health, mental health, social health and spiritual health with descriptive daily lesson plans. The high school book has many more units ranging from first aid to sleep cycles to substance abuse. Although there are more lesson units the lesson plans are not as in-depth. The high school book contains goals for each unit, resources, lesson plans, back up lesson plans, information on how to handle sex education and many other helpful suggestions and information. The middle school book gives teachers information on how to teach lessons and which lessons …show more content…

They are different designed for different age groups so the content is obviously different, but it still has a solid biblical/Christian worldview. There is evidence that the author genuinely cares about the content and the spiritual lives of students wanting them to grow healthy lives in all dimensions. The book would be best used in a Christian School. If a public school teacher were to use this book they would have to use caution. Both manuals would be effective in helping a teacher deliver instruction. They serve a guide and offer helpful hints along with suggestions, sample lessons, many definitions. Over all, I would consider using these books in the future for a class, but I think that I would want to check out other books and do some more research

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