Toyot Elite From The Land Of The Rising Sun Essay

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Vy Tran Professor Sheppard Section J November 17th, 2016 Toyota - Elite from the land of the rising sun Toyota Motor Corporation is a transnational corporation headquartered in Japan, is the largest automaker company in the world by revenue. Toyota is considered as the image and prestige of Japan. The outstanding success of Toyota stems from a perfect combination of the production system and the traditional cultural identity of Japanese people. The founder of Toyota is Sakichi Toyoda (1867-1930). Right from the early years of the decade of 30 in the last century, Sakichi Toyoda has realized the importance and prospects of the auto industry in the future. He sold some of his inventions to foreign companies and then invested into the automobile manufacturing industry. In 1935, the first trucks GG, and the car A1 was built right in his textile factory. In August, 28th 1937, the Toyota Motors Corporation was founded. Since 1957, the Crown ( a Toyota car line) was initially exported to the United States, opened a new era of Toyota. In 1984, the factory Toyota-General Motor in the US, called New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc., started to go into production. Four years later, the factory Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Kentucky, USA, delivered the first cars. In June 1995, Toyota declared the 'New Global Business Plan, ' went for propelling limitation of production and expanding imports (through co-operating with foreign companies). This plan marked a significant progress of

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