Toyota Total Customer Cost Analysis

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3.1.2 Total Customer Cost of Toyota

However, the customer will still need to examine the total customer cost before making purchase decision. Total customer cost consists of Financial Cost, Time Cost, Energy Cost and Psychology Cost.

First he will consider the money or finance cost. The customer will compare from price aspect and finance facilities e.g. hire purchase loan, down payment. The higher financial cost will offset the higher total customer value. Toyota with its’ globalise de-centralise regional production concept make its production cost relatively low among other car makers. Instead of affordable price, Toyota also has a good relationship with the financial institutions like banks or leasing company which provides comparatively …show more content…

Quality has a direct impact on product performance and thus on customer satisfaction.

In the narrowest sense, quality can be defined as 'freedom from defects'. However, customer-centred companies like Toyota go beyond this narrow definition of quality. Instead, they define quality in terms of customer satisfaction. Among the efforts of Toyota to maximise Customer Satisfaction are” (Toyota Motor Corporation, 1995-2017) : Enhancing Customer Response System
In order to provide customers with instance, precise and cordial response, Toyota has established a Customer Assistance Centre which operates 365 days a year. This is to enhance the customers’ sense of security, the confidences of Toyota after sales services and collecting customers’ opinion in products development, sales and after sales service so as to further enhance customer satisfaction. Circulating Customer Information Internally
As to reflect Toyota common goal of “customer first”, Toyota will circulate all the requests and opinions collected from customer to all levels of divisions via its company intranet. The Customer Assistance Centre also will organise periodic forum and exhibition for its employees to have direct contact with their

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