Toyota 's Method For Tracking Machine Breakdown

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The Ford Motor Company is an automotive manufacturer, like Toyota, that has delays in the production process caused by machine failures. Machine breakdowns within the manufacturing plant, caused delays and stoppages that lead to increased production times and decreased customer satisfaction (Sampson, 2004). In 1995, Ford initiated a program that effectively reduced the amount of production time by establishing a step-by-step process to repair specific machine breakdowns efficiently (Xu, 2013). When a breakdown occurs the program lists the solutions on how to repair the problem based on previous machines with similar issues. This provides corrective actions that are quickly, efficiently, and reliably identified if the breakdown has occurred in the past. Ford’s method for tracking machine breakdown includes information about previous problems and the processes that were taken to solve the issue (Sampson, 2004). This provides information quickly on how to solve the problem for any given breakdown that occurs during production. Once the solution to the problem is discovered, it can be repaired immediately. When a breakdown and the solution are listed, the program also shows every machine containing the characteristic affected by the solution (Sampson, 2004). This allows the solutions to be better utilized to improve the efficiency and reliability of similar machines because it can be used to prevent future breakdowns. For example, Ford found a valve to continually fail because
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