Trade-offs and Opportunity Cost

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In the last few months, I have been studying the market of clothing manufacturing heavily. From quality to fabric cost, the whole idea of clothing manufacturing is very appealing to a young man that would like to pursue a career in graphic and architectural design. I will be sharing my personal experience with clothing manufacturing, as well as the differences between trade-offs and opportunity costs. A lot of times, people overlook how difficult it really is to establish a successful brand or collection for a clothing line. A significant amount of thought must go into this process because of all of the resources that are necessary to take into account. With a clothing line, I believe that it is absolutely necessary for one to take the economic portion equally, if not, more seriously than the actual creative direction and design. Fabric is the number one reason for this. Based on trends of the last few years in “street wear”, more brands that have a primary teenage audience have sprouted into replicating the aesthetic of higher-end brands because of the shift in culture that the social media market has cultivated. This caused a boom in the street wear market, because the cost of replicating a high-end fashion t-shirt in a country like China, is very inexpensive. The reason for this has to do with the fabric, and as well as the advertising manipulation that goes on behind the scenes. See, most of the kids who are purchasing these replicated high-end products, haven’t felt
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