Trader Joe 's S Seafood Sustainability Scorecard

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Trader Joe’s is known for their unique grocery shopping experience. From their friendly employees donning Hawaiian shirts to their selection of great tasting, well priced foods, Trader Joe’s is the place to be, either as an employee or customer. As an employee for Trader Joe’s, one earns more money than employees at other major grocery stores, and one receives benefits such as vision, medical, and dental insurance, paid vacations, company paid retirement, and an employee discount of 10%. As a customer, one is greeted by friendly faces, is able to try new things, and has a unique shopping experience at a low cost. However, not everything can always be perfect. Trader Joe’s was nicknamed “Traitor Joe’s” when they were ranked the worst on …show more content…

This way, they are able to share the personal experiences they have had with the product to the consumer.

Trader Joe’s demonstrates the importance of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling in the management process. To begin with, Trader Joe’s demonstrates planning when they decided on a way to make their stores different. Through observing that consumers are more likely to try new things while on vacation, the company decided that their employees would don Hawaiian shirts and that they would provide one-of-a-kind foods at a great price. Trader Joe’s is able to keep product costs down by consistently purchasing directly from the producer of each item. This method of disintermediation successfully cuts out the middleman, thus greatly reducing expenses, which in turn reduces costs for consumers.

Organization is demonstrated through the planning process itself. After observing that people are more likely to try new things while on vacation, the company set out to enable customers to be able to try new things in stores. Trader Joe’s was successful in organizing and devising a plan in which it could incorporate the sampling of new products that will consequently broaden sales for sampled items. Also, they have effective systems for training purposes in place, which are used to effectively train their

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