Traditional Marketing And Advertisement And Social Media

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Traditional Marketing and Advertisement and Social Media
What is a product without a voice? When a product is created, marketing and adverting is the best way gain recognition; whether it’s tangible or intangible. Traditional marketing and advertisement didn’t have social media’s enhancements and access to broader markets. Social media has not only enhanced traditional marketing but it also has saved many organizations money. According to Safko, (2013) “We all know that Traditional marketing media is expensive. One of the biggest surprises most new businesses have is the cost of doing a simple print piece, such as a brochure or a postcard sent to people in a given geographic area. Seldom do businesses allocate enough money to do adequate marketing, resulting in failure to build much name recognition or brand image” (para 7). Social media has allowed for organizations to increase their branding through ads and marketing strategies. In doing so it has saved them time and money.
Traditional Marketing
The key objective of marketing and ads is to get the consumer to purchase a product or service but to also keep cost down. Traditional marketing is expensive and if you want results you have to pay for it. According to Safko (2013), “In the world of traditional media, you most often pay for eyeballs or impressions. The more people you want to reach, the more it will cost you. Consider all the costs that go into planning a traditional marketing campaign—money you have

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