Traffic Violation Photography : Traffic Violations

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The world population is increasingly becoming larger each and every day that passes with a lot of people moving up the social status ladder. As a result of this movement up the social status, a lot of people have bought vehicles that have now filled our roads. With that regard, the number of road accidents has also been on an increasing trend with a lot being recorded on the many superhighways that exist today. Thus, there have been many laws that have enacted to control the rising number of accidents on our roads (Lavender). These laws have been effected to some extent, but still there are more accidents happening on our roads. There are many things that usually happen on our roads apart from accidents, many of which are regarded as the violation of the traffic laws, and the law has been unforgiving to such kind of violations. The many law enforcement cameras that have been put on the roads have not helped much in bringing to justice those who have violated the traffic rules (West). The many reasons as to why I am against the traffic photography is due to issues regarding the legal ground on which a person is prosecuted. The other reason is with regards to accuracy, and other minor issues such as surveillance, and effectiveness.
In many cases, the problems surrounding the photography on grounds of accuracy happen as result of errors. One such instance was the case that was witnessed in Baltimore city where the cameras were producing…

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