Trafficking In China

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Human trafficking is an appalling crime that requires strict policies for perpetrators and effective defense for survivors. The crimes of human trafficking however are overseen by a system that has become outdated. Despite the efforts of the Tier system human trafficking still occurs in nearly every nation, according to the International Labor Organization more that 11.4 million women and children have been victims of trafficking and forced labor. The role of Tier ranking when it first began was to fight against human trafficking. In an attempt to avoid downgraded the successes of the Tier system, since it began more than 100 countries have implemented anti trafficking laws, on the other hand many nations are sedentary and unmoving in the ranks. China, for example, was just added to the Tier 2 Watch list in 2015.…show more content…
The 2014 Trafficking in Persons report cited China’s commitment to eradicate reeducation-through-labor camps. Yet, the 2015 report recognized that China failed to remove the camps and simply relocated prisoners to a new facility where individuals were still victims of forced labor. The framework of the Tier system limits the scope of responsibility and fails to acknowledge the many structural contributing factors within the Tier system itself. The current scope of responsibility focuses on the many offenders rather the structural processes of a constantly shifting system that contribute to the problem. To illustrate my point, as of 2015 the United States is prohibiting trade with Tier 3 nations. Taking into consideration that China is the United States number one trade partner it raises suspicions as to why China was not downgraded this past year. The minimum standards within the Tier ranking system are inconsistent making the system easy to manipulate and virtually
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