Training And Development : Training Program

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Training and development is a very important aspect when it comes to building on the skills of a company’s employee’s in order to improve the firm’s performance. Feedback is another important component when it comes to quantifying a training program. “[So], training and feedback not only individually strengthen the employees’ performance but also they collectively work for creating the environment which is compatible with all level of employees, and they also continually nourish their work attitude and behavior” (Farooq, Khan, 2011). There are also different steps that a company must go through in order for training and development to be successful. Some of these steps include assessing the training needs, set organizational training objectives, creating training action plans, implementing training initiatives and finally evaluating and revising the training. Before a training program is developed it’s very important that a firm assess the different training needs of their employees even then there is already a training program in process. “Training has been the main factor for influencing the employees’ skills, abilities and attitude” (Farooq, Khan, 2011).
This is important because it helps companies to keep abreast of all the needed improvements that must to be done. However, if a training program is being development from the beginning it’s also important for a company to assess their company as a whole, the individual employees and also evaluate the tasks that the…
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