Training And Testing Of Water For The Local Existing Network And The Mobilization Of Community Participation

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selected and mobilised to participate successfully in the survey. This success is the result of the involvement and support from the local existing network and the mobilization of community participation. In addition to the participation of farmers, the enthusiasm and participation of commune health and veterinary workers in undertaking the Coliplate tests was also considered as a success of the field activities; on-farm water sources for drinking were sampled and tested on by the 20 trained the community health/veterinary workers in the two provinces. Key public health messages relating to microbiological quality of water, and recommended options for on-farm water security were also part of the training for community health/veterinary…show more content…
The challenge relating to the custom procedures for the importation of water testing was also due to the unclear of administrative procedures. The field investigator wanted to import the water testing without paying import tax as the water tests were not for profit. However, in order to be exempted from import tax, it requires a formal signed agreement between a local origination and a foreign organisation indicating that these tests are not for profit, the approvals at ministerial level on the formal signed agreement. Because a formal signed agreement and a ministerial approval are not available for the field research, the importation of the Coliplate tests is not exempted from importation tax. The field investigator decided to pay tax to import the water tests in time for the implementation of the field activities, and explore ways to pursue tax claim later on. The local partner has helped the field investigator to contact with Ministry of Finance for claiming the import tax return of the water tests. However, it was replied that there is insufficient documents to prove that the field investigator is eligible to claim import tax for the water tests.

Key preliminary results/findings and analysis:
Variable Thai Binh (N. VN, 300 hhlds) An Giang (S. VN, 300 hhlds)
Age 47 45
Year schooling 8.2 5.6
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