Training Methods For The Olympics

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The Training Transition Although, there are many differences in the techniques and training methods that were used to prepare for the Olympics, during the Ancient Greek period and now, research has shown that there are still some similarities and systems that are still practiced today. The first Olympic Games started in Olympia around 776 B.C.E. but later the Games were discontinued by the emperor Theodosius, in 393 A.D. The Olympics have quickly gain back popularity after resuming in 1896 in Athens, Greece, and has been a very anticipated event occurring every four years (Ancient Olympics: History). This has allowed athletes to have the opportunity to look forward and prepare for one of the most important sport competitions in history, as many others have done hundreds of years ago. When getting ready for the Olympic Games, training methods such as, athletic, weight, and mental training are used to prepare athletes for better performance, as they were in ancient times. Athletes practice these training methods to help them achieve greater ability when participating in their sporting events, in hoping to ultimately win a medal. To begin with, the Olympics started with running races, called stadions, being the first sport for athletes to participate in the ancient times. The runners had to run the length of the stadium (192 m), which was referred to as 1 stade). There were also 2 stade races, and for long distance it could be up to 24 stades (Ancient Olympic Events). In…
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