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Unit # 1 - Assignment 1. Per your text, describe the forces affecting the workplace and learning. How can training help companies deal with these forces?

Customer service, employee retention and growth, doing more with less, quality and productivity are some of the issues affecting company’s ability to implement new training and learning tools. Training is a necessity if companies want to maintain competitive. There are several forces that affect learning in the workplace including: globalization, business strategy, demographics and diversity of the workforce, generational differences, talent management, new technology, intangible assets such as human capital, and quality of customer service. Training enables employees to serve …show more content…

Therefore it is extremely important to have excellent customer service and have employees representing organizations who are passionate about a win/win solution for both parties. 2. What steps are included in the "training design model?" What step do you think is most important and why?
There are six steps in the training design model. They include (1) conducting a needs assessment, (2) ensuring employees’ readiness for training, (3) creating a learning environment, (4) ensuring transfer of training, (5) selecting training methods, and (6) evaluating training programs. I believe that the most important step is the transfer of training, or learning. Although I understand that the other steps play an important role in this training design model, it is critical that the training is learned. Any organization needs to understand where the opportunities for learning/training are before any of the other steps can occur. Then the instructor needs to ensure that the employees are ready to learn, and this can include pre-training prep work like self-reflection to bring work examples. Next the trainer needs to create a conducive environment to learning, which should include all aspects of learning to accommodate all possible learning preferences. This should include: visual, hands on, and auditory. Some environments

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