Transformational Leaders And Its Impact On School Schools

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Public school districts in Illinois are facing ever rising challenges from a lack of funding, a shortage of teachers, an ever increasing danger of traumatic events occurring on school grounds, a decline teacher moral, an increase in at-risk students, and others. During this difficult time it is imperative that the leaders of districts are providing their stakeholders the leadership necessary to move the district forward in educating all of its students. Transformational leaders are best suited to deal with the multiple and diverse challenges that face districts.
Transformational leadership was first introduced into our lexicon by James MacGregor Burns, a presidential biographer. Burns believed transformational leaders were leaders who through their vision and personality were able to inspire other to change their expectations, beliefs, and motivations to work toward a common goal (Burns, 1978). Researchers Bass and Riggio expanded on Burns’ concept and developed the theory that transformational leaders are defined by their impact on their followers. (Bass & Riggo, 2008). It is my belief that educational leaders can best lead their organization through the practice of transformational leadership.
Bass identified four components of transformational leadership.
1. Intellectual Stimulation represents the leaders challenging the status qou. A transformational leader encourages innovation in their followers and develops followers to think independently. Leaders with this…
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