Transformational Leadership Aspects Of Military Basic Training Essay

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To fully understand the transformational leadership aspects of military basic training, one must have a picture of what basic training is like. Most recruits are young, and are leaving home for the first time. In the Air Force the first week of the six-and-a-half-week course is controlled chaos for the fifty-five recruits who are placed into a flight, which was a part of a larger squadron. We woke up 4:30 am every day, saluted the flag, did physical training, showered, ate, attended classes, and learned the ways of the Air Force. Every day was highly scheduled and full of nonstop learning. We marched everywhere and had no free time. This was pretty much the schedule until week five, which is known as warrior week, when recruits packed up their belongings and headed out to tent city, where we learn to fight, survive, and teamwork. After warrior week finished we returned to our normal dormitory and prepared for graduation.
Military basic training is not only for the development of recruits, but also transforming the recruits into the Air Force’s ideal followers. Transformational leadership in its optimal form, creates valuable and positive change with the end goal of developing followers into leaders (Transformational Leadership, 2016). When I went through basic training in 2006, it was a six-and-a-half-week course which tested every part of me. Every day of basic training was mentally, physically, and emotionally intensive. While the beginning of basic training was about
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