Transport By Bicycle May Seem To Be A Thing Of The Past

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Transport by bicycle may seem to be a thing of the past but benefits associated with the trend continue to give hope to those who see it as a means of daily transport. In the United states, majority of the population consider cycling as a means of recreation and for leisure; and so most people don’t consider bicycles as a mode of transportation. Cycling is for everyone of all shapes, sizes, and age. Over the years, America has learned to depend solely on cars and trucks, which operate on fossil fuel for transportation needs. This credence generally contributes to air pollution which has negative consequences on health (Srinivasan, O’Fallon, & Dearry, 2003). The elderly, children, individuals with hypersensitive airway diseases, and even …show more content…

Physical inactivity has been known to result in health consequences like obesity and heart diseases. 70%of US health costs are due to obesity associated diseases (Levine, 2011). Coronary artery disease is the most common type of heart disease estimated to killing about 385,000 people in the America annually. Coronary Artery Disease statistically, is the most prevalent cause of death in American for both men and women, causing 600,000 deaths annually, which comes to about 1 in every 4 deaths, males > females. The estimated economic cost of Coronary artery disease in the United States is $109 billion per annum. Which will also include costs of medications, ER admissions and healthcare services (Cassar, Gersh, Holmes, & Rihal, 2009).
Bicycling can help profit the same betterment in physical performance as other specific training programs, and cycling at a proportionally low intensity for just 30 minutes a day and at least 3 times weekly can increase life expectancy by several years (Hendriksen, Zuiderveld, Kemper, & Bezemer, 2000). Although positive health results cannot be attributed to biking alone, notwithstanding, the benefits of amalgamating exercise and physical activity into one’s day-to-day lifestyle is incontrovertible. Exercising has been linked to psychological health and happiness. A study revealed that people who exercise have an overall happier attitude both psychologically, and behaviorally by using

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