The Practice Of Travelling For Health And Medical Reasons

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The practice of travelling for health and medical reasons has a long history. Even the ancient civilizations recognized the therapeutic effects of mineral thermal springs and sacred temple baths. For example, the Sumerians constructed health complexes around hot springs more than four thousand years ago, which included temples with flowing pools. Ancient Romans built resorts with thermal health spas, and therapeutic temples thrived during the Greek domain. Ancient Greeks were known for their travels to the sanctuary of the healing god, Asklepios, believed to reveal remedies for different ailments in the dreams.
It was the Europeans in the sixteenth and seventeenth century that are responsible for the development of a modern pleasure …show more content…

Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA).
In the nineteenth century, wealthy tuberculosis sufferers from Europe often travelled to (and lived) in south-west United States, seeking different climate conditions in order to improve their health. That kind of behavior arguably predates modern-day lifestyle retirement and second home migration for similar reasons of extending quality of life.
However, traveling with the intention of receiving treatments, such as cosmetic surgery, dental care and other complex procedures is a relatively new phenomenon, having begun only several decades ago throughout the world.
Asia has a history of medical tourism as well. Japan’s affluence of natural mineral springs (also known as onsen) has represented a favourite health retreat for centuries, and they are also a central feature of Japanese tourism today. These springs are known to have healing powers derived from its mineral content. Different warrior clans also took notice of these springs and used them to heal wounds, alleviate pain and recuperate from their battles.
Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine grew in popularity five thousand years ago in India, wherein constant streams of medical travelers and spiritual students flocked to pursue the benefits of these alternative-healing methods. India procured reputation as the center of Eastern spiritual, cultural and

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