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August 21 was one of the most iconic days of 2017. During the afternoon on that day, Americans paused their daily activities, pressed eclipse glasses up to their eyes, and watched as the moon passed in front of the sun. Even those who were not in the path of totality stopped to see even a partial eclipse. With so many noses pointed to the sky, one might wonder what all these people were actually looking at? The current trends in technology and business say their eyes were fixated on a future home or timeshare.

Companies like SpaceX and Deep Space Industries are driving a new age of exploration and their lofty goals are reaching the public and investors.

SpaceX founder Elon Musk has frequently released ambitious announcements in recent …show more content…

The scientists who lived in isolation as a part of the project noted several challenges, mainly boredom and homesickness.

“I wouldn’t want to be the first to go up. A few accidents are bound to happen,” says space enthusiast and chemistry student at Simmons College Emmett Sisson. “Once some settlement is established, I’d be willing to join.”

There is major risk involved in the journey, which may give the first wave of would-be settlers second thoughts.

To make the journey to Mars as safe as possible, NASA started the Human Research Project which focuses on finding the safest methods for space travel. The Human Research Project has found ways to mitigate in-flight radiation and currently researching other health problems that could arise on an interplanetary journey such as nutrition, lack of gravity, and expiration of necessary medications.

Even with the risks, NASA Human Exploration Strategic Analysis Lead Pat Troutman says Mars is humanity’s best opportunity for a long term settlement because of its access to resources necessary for human colonization.

“It’s a very ambitious goal and we have to calculate and recalculate everything, and even then there will be a lot of things that are unforeseen,” says Padir. “We need a lot of resources and brain power to realize this goal.”

Any endeavor involving

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