Triangulation Theory Of Love Essay

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Love works at different stages of life, whether it is romantic love or long term love. This can be the difference between two people who experience ultimate happiness together and or the contentment of settling. Sternberg’s triangulation theory of love helps to explain the different stages of love through three elements which include; intimacy, passion and commitment (Donges,2017) Romantic love is a mixture of intimacy and passion. Intimacy is an imitate act or sexual activity with another person of whom you have strong feelings for. Whereas, passion is strong and uncontrollable emotions. One might say that the “chemistry” or “passion” between themselves and another is uncontrollable. Intimacy is something that we have control over where …show more content…

Many peoples parents may remained married, but they may not see their parents ever kissing, holding hands, or showing affection after a certain time period in the marriage. At different stages of life, love can affect your life. Right now as a college student I am in a romantic love relationship. There is passion and intimacy in my relationship but there is not a long-term commitment. As of right now, I am okay with no long-term commitment because I am not sure where I see my future going. If this relationship were to last 5-10 more years than I would want a stronger commitment than just being boyfriend and girlfriend. I would want a long term commitment such as marriage. I would hope that at that point in my relationship there is still intimacy, passion and commitment to one another. The process of finding a significant other has most definitely changed compared to a generation ago. How we used to love was as simple as having an interest in someone, taking the chance to get to know them, had common feelings, dating, and hopefully getting engaged and married. How we love now is a whole confusing, long process mess. Now we have commitment issues, and are just “talking” before we are labeled as only seeing one and other and are “together” before we are “exclusive” and are then months later officially “dating”. Being introduced to the family isn’t nearly as big of a step as it was back then. We communicate through text and even break up through texts instead of face to

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