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Is Love at First Sight Possible?
Love at first sight is the experience of starting to be in love with someone as soon as you see them for the first time. To a large extent, love at first sight is possible to start a relationship but not possible to maintain a relationship in a long run.
Love at first sight involve passion, which is recognized as one of the components of love. Eros, one of the six love style suggested by John Alan Lee (1976) in the color wheel theory of love, is defined as passionate love. Strong physical and/or emotional attraction is the basis of such kind of love style. Later research on this theory of love by Clyde and Susan Hendrick (1986) also suggested six love-attitude scales using factor analysis, supporting the existence
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Study shown that couples who want to make their relationship permanent (e.g. through marriage) tend to have higher level of commitment than passion, while couples who never thought to make their relationship permanent tend to have higher level of passion (Gonzaga, Turner, Keltner, & Campos, 2006). This shows that commitment is a much important factor when transforming people’s bonding to a long-term relationship, but not passion. Even if dating couples are married base on the infatuation, such passionate love may not last long. As love at first sight is a kind of love that only involves intense passion, people may idealize their partner when getting along with each other (Ben-Ze'ev, 2000), which means people are often in love with the idealized image but not the real one. However, such situation may not hold long. Study found that the amount of passion between couples who had intensely passionate courtships decline very quickly over the first twenty-four months after reaching the peak level due to marriage (Niehuis, Reifman, Feng, & Huston, 2014). Once the passion fade and the couple still did not develop sufficient level of intimacy and commitment, which is an important factor for long-term relationship (Sternberg, 2007), to maintain their bonding, the couple may divorce. These research studies reflect that although love at first sight has
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