Trip To Hawaii

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Visiting Hawaii is a great thing in itself, but since my Dad lives there that makes things even better. I got a more personal and less touristy touch to getting familiar and enjoying Maui. This is my second time going to the incomparable island of Maui. While the first time was magnificent, this time was a different. This trip taught me details I didn’t learn, see, and do last time. To begin, the island of Maui is a very diverse. Diverse in that there are many things that are not supposed to even be there; but have found their way there. I learned a ton from being there, about the land itself the people there and the culture with it.There are plants and animals that I thought would make sense to be there, but most of the vegetation and …show more content…

Paddle boarding is when you’re standing on a board, and you’re paddling around the water and you’re also catching waves. It was heaps of fun, I really enjoyed it. When I first tried paddle boarding it was at the beach near us called The Cove, which is a little hidden spot where not too many people are. When I first went I was able to get taught on what to do so I got local’s tips.I wasn’t too good in the beginning, I had to be on my knees most of the time, since standing was too hard, but after a while I started getting the hang of it and started catching waves. Then, as a present we were able to go to this hotel, The Grand Wailea where we got tickets to use their activities meaning kayaks, paddle boards, and snorkel equipment. It was exceptional to be there from sunrise to noon and do so much. My sister, Dad and I went out together and we finally stood for a long time on the paddle boards. Honestly, the only reason I started trying to stand was because my knees started to hurt, but then I discover how much more comfortable it is to stand. We stayed together for a while, until breaks where needed. Since I absolutely loved paddle boarding I went on my own after a brief break. Going by myself was a bit nerve-racking but by then there was a mass of people in the water so I was okay. The entire time I was out, I didn’t fall once. The one time I almost did was when I saw this dark moving figure in …show more content…

Hiking in Georgia is fun, but it's amazing in Maui. The Sights were incredible! The first time went went it was a place called La Perouse Bay. That day we saw blow holes, crabs, lava rocks and even sea salt! It was just there on the rocks in crystallized form, we smashed it a little and there, salt. We saw ancient Hawaiian homes, which Hawaiians made out of rock along the shore. Looking out on the beach we saw the other side of the island, and other islands such as Lanai, Kahoolawe, which we snorkeled at last year. After hiking about 4 miles in La Perouse Bay, we did another 4 mile hike in the Bamboo Forest in Haiku. This is a hike near the other side of the island, Hana, which we have yet gone. The Bamboo forest is exactly what it sounds like. It's an enormous forest of giant stalks of bamboo that surrounds streams and waterfalls. At the beginning I was not prepared with my new sneakers, however by the end of it I fully embraced the water and mud. That hike was insane and apparently it's not even that hard of a hike. We went through gigantic, sturdy treelike bamboo, flowing streams with extremely slippery rocks; climbed up this rock climbing adventure, and this worn-down, rickety ladder with two ropes attached all to see a paradise-like scene.The waterfalls I saw were unforgettable. It was like an adventure, I got very confident, I started running, jumping over things and just not caring about getting dirty. I was able to stand

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