Essay on Trouble Shooting Information Systems at the Royal Hotel

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Trouble shooting information systems at the Royal hotel
ITC 6020 - Information Systems Design and Analysis

Case Overview
Discussion Question and Answers

Case Overview
Blake had just finished his first year in the master degree’s program and attended an internship with a famous IT company. After the orientation, the company offered him the first account with the Royal Hotel which he can manager from the start to the end.
He arrived at the hotel with a one-week assignment. In the first meeting with the General Manager (GM) of the hotel, the manager told Blake that the service they provide to the customers was “unacceptable”. The high standard of the hotel ask for better service. The manager wants all the …show more content…

The information system is a combination of software, hardware, data, people and procedure. It is not solely depending on the technology, interactions between people also counts. In this case, multiple reasons have caused the situation in this case: (1) Ignorance of the real situation: The new technology may meet the needs of the hotel. However, the task stated by the GM can be done in a much easier and cheaper ways. For example, they can require employees to use written form reports in order to reduce the slippage percentage and reoccurring problems. Reporting every problem real time may cause extra work for maintenance. Gathering all the problems in a period of time and report them afterward may be more efficient, besides, the additional cost can be greatly reduced. (2) Did not take employees into consideration: In this case I am aware that the employees are interested in the new technology first, but soon “lose that interest”. It could be caused by the hard operation of the new system, thus the teaching may took a long time. While the old method is much easier and have been used for a long period, to change this habit can be tough. (3) Time limitation: We can see from the case that Blake only have one week to do his job. Although main research has been done during this time including the funding investment and negotiation with vendor, there is no time and chance for field test. The whole project is theoretical. (4) Overestimate and underestimate the

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