Trump Health Care Case Study

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The next goal is efficiency, which is how much you get per input. Trump healthcare brought up a health savings account. This would-be a saving for health when you needed to go to the doctors for any issue are but any medications, but the issue is if you are not a rich American you more than likely don’t have extra money to put into a savings for health emergencies. Another component in the bill was a refundable tax credit. Everyone loves free money, and it would help with paying premiums. The issue with the tax credit is that it would be based on age not income, so younger adults who need coverage or the money to pay the high premiums would not benefit from this. In both the savings account and the refundable tax credit it was only efficient …show more content…

A lot of Americans will not be able to financially meet Trumps’ standard on efficiency. Since Trumps healthcare is letting the people make the decisions on if they want healthcare or not. It raises concerns to me on what happens to the people who are not able to make that decision themselves. You have people in the nursing home, children in foster care, and one parent homes that do not make the decisions based on knowledge or what is better for them. Not all but most of the groups I named are depending on the government to dictate their next move or an adult who is more knowledgeable then them to do what is best for them. As stated in the previous paragraph about the mandate fee, if the decision is made to do away with it many of these groups or the adults over these groups will not choose healthcare. Trumps secretary, Tom Price offered another small tax credit option. If you are between the ages of 18-35 you would receive up to 1,200 and 50 and up would receive up to 3000. This tax credit would only cover a third of what the premiums would cost these groups, and would barely help the people who are in those groups to cover them finically and to be self-efficient to …show more content…

I personally think that is efficient, because if I am still in school I will not have the same funds to pay for health insurance like an average 26-year-old with a full-time job. Having healthcare be efficient and equal gives people a since of

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