Tuberculosis In Prisons

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The tuberculosis in the United States increased by 20 percent between 1985 and 1992 due to the following reasons: “(1) Inadequate funding for TB control and other public health efforts, (2) the HIV epidemic, (3) increased immigration from countries where TB is common, (4) the spread of TB in certain settings (for example, correctional facilities and homeless shelters), and (5) the spread of multidrug-resistant TB (MDR TB)” (CDC). Meanwhile, as what is evident in Dr. Trudeau’s experiment, the factors for Tuberculosis to thrive are due to inadequate-lacks-in-nutritional-value food supply, and poor environmental conditions. In like manner, incarcerated populations resemble that situation. Thus, one of the many reasons that TB can be higher in prisons, is that most prisons are not kept that clean and sanitary. Even though they may sweep and mop thinking they are getting rid of TB, there is a form of Tuberculosis called latent TB which lie dormant for days or even many years that can actually reactivate (CDC), and spread the disease between prisoners. A second reason that TB is high in prisons is due to overcrowding. The prisoners are in such close proximity of each other on a daily basis, that there is no way of separating themselves from getting TB. A third reason, the prisoners could have easily gotten Tuberculosis from each other due to small areas. Since some forms of Tuberculosis is spread by airborne droplets (Mayo Clinic) it would make sense why prisoners get it so much easier. Other factors in …show more content…

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