Tuberculosis : Its History And Notable Information

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Tuberculosis : Its History and Notable Information
Kristen Scarfuto
The University of Southern Mississippi
Anatomy and Phisiology II
Dr. Robert Turnbull

Abstract TB has been taunting not only humans, but also animals for well over thousands of years. Within these years, a great deal of research and experiments have been conducted on this infectious disease. Many scientists have conducted this research and have made profound discoveries about Tuberculosis. This paper will explore not just Tuberculosis ' history but rather key information and important facts about this disease. Such information includes the discovery of antibiotics and medications produced through the years that are used to help cure the disease. …show more content…

Robert Koch aimed to find the main cause of Tuberculosis; in doing so, he was the first person who was able to isolate and grow, what he presumed to be the agent that helped produce TB in all living things. This agent was given the name tubercle bacillus. Koch 's lecture released his knowledge about the infectious agent and his belief that tubercle bacillus was the active agent in the formation of Tuberculosis (Stevenson, 2014). According to ("Robert Koch and", 2003), many around the world consider his presentation in Berlin the most important lecture of all medical history. Robert Koch soon will be noted as "The Father of Biology" by the scientific community. In the year of 1905, Koch was given a Nobel Prize for his infamous discoveries about Tuberculosis. After his findings, there were several attempts to try and find cures for TB. An American citizen in 1943, named Selman Waksman and his team, made an interesting discovery. They found that fungus named Streptomyces griseus could produce a substance, later named "Streptomycin", which they used as an antibiotic on animals with TB. After many tests, Waksman and his team treated the first human Tuberculosis patient with the antibiotic Streptomycin. The patient was successfully cured of the disease. It was clear in the beginning of Waksman 's studies that the

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