Tuberculosis : Its History And Notable Information

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Tuberculosis : Its History and Notable Information
Kristen Scarfuto
The University of Southern Mississippi
Anatomy and Phisiology II
Dr. Robert Turnbull

Abstract TB has been taunting not only humans, but also animals for well over thousands of years. Within these years, a great deal of research and experiments have been conducted on this infectious disease. Many scientists have conducted this research and have made profound discoveries about Tuberculosis. This paper will explore not just Tuberculosis ' history but rather key information and important facts about this disease. Such information includes the discovery of antibiotics and medications produced through the years that are used to help cure the disease. This paper will also discuss two different types of Tuberculosis named Latent TB and Active TB as well as the symptoms related to the two forms. Lastly, this paper , will explore the presence of Tuberculosis around the world, its relationship to other diseases, and the relationship between alcohol/illegal drug abuse and TB.

Tuberculosis: Its History and Notable Information
Tuberculosis, also referred to as TB, was scarcely found in patients within the countries. Since approximately 1985, the rate of TB has increased tremendously. But, due to such strong disease control programs developed in the United States, Tuberculosis was on the to decline throughout the states ("Tuberculosis", 2014). This disease is considered…
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