Tuberculosis ( Tb ) : A Deadly Airborne Pathogen

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Tuberculosis (TB) is a severe airborne pathogen that is highly contagious and listed as one of the top 10 causes of death around the world. The bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis causes TB, and it most often affects the lungs. Other bacterial members of TB include Mycobacterium africanum and Mycobacterium boris. The Mycobacterium africanum is most common in West African countries and causes of a quarter of TB cases in Gambia. Both Mycobacterium tuberculosis and africanum have similar symptoms. ___________
The mode of transmission for Tuberculosis is conducted from person to person through droplet infection. When individuals infected with TB a cough, sneeze, or spit, they release the germs and bacteria into the air. For someone else to be …show more content…

However, only half of the bacteria are ever even detected under microscopes. The reason for such is because microscopy does not detect drug-resistant TB. The most effect test for an individual with TB is the Xpert MTB/Rif test. This test detects for TB and resistance to Rifampin, which is the most important medication for the treatment of TB. WHO recommended the use of Xpert MTB/Rif as a diagnostic test for TB because it only takes two hours to diagnosis the disease. More than 100 countries are using this test now.
There are many complications that individuals can experience once infected by TB. Complications of Pulmonary Tuberculosis are as followed: hemoptysis (the coughing up of blood), pleurisy, pleural effusion, empyema, pneumothorax, endobronchitis, bronchiectasis, laryngitis, cor pulmonale, ca bronchus, and enteritis. As dangerous and severe TB can be, there are plenty of ways to treat and combat the curable illness. TB is treated with the use of drugs susceptible for six months course of four antimicrobial drugs. The supervision and support to the patient by a healthcare provider or a trained volunteer are critical for the road to recovery for the sick individual. Without such support, treatment adherence can be different, and the disease can spread.
The Tuberculosis disease can be treated by taking a combination of medications for six to nine months. There are ten

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