Turning Point In Life Essay

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Due to a few significant turning points in my life, I have learned to become an example of fortitude and endurance, realized the value of life itself, and now allow myself to experience more bliss and enjoyment through the presence of others; in effect, I have become a greater person and a contributor to those who are in vulnerable situations. I am content with the events I have experienced, even though some were difficult. These times have allowed me to become a person to exemplify fortitude and endurance, realize the value of life, and experience the bliss and enjoyment of others presence. The first benefit of these turning points I experienced is that I am now a person who exemplifies fortitude and endurance. I became one that holds…show more content…
His death made me realize the value of life because once he was gone, there has always been something special missing and I hope and pray I have the same effect on the world as he did. I saw my Grandpa the other day more than I have ever seen him before. I was in a wreak and these two gentlemen pulled over and provided me with comfort and I felt his presence with us as we all three stood on the side of the road. In the end, they were some of my Grandpa’s good friends and they shared their memories with me about all the good he did. I call them my heroes, and every time I see them we all cannot help but cry because we all have a simple connection of love and realize how blessed we have become out of something so horrible. I have learned that just because a life has ended, does not mean its meaning has ended too. I realized the true value in life is more than a heartbeat and my Grandpa’s spirit will never die. The final benefit is that I learned to allow myself to experience more bliss and enjoyment through the presence of others. After some time to myself, I finally began to let people in and trust that I would not be hurt by them or by something that could happen to them. I overcame my biggest fear. The summer I had moved to Follett, I soon met someone who very quickly became one of the most important people in my life, Holden Born. One of the most amazing things that can happen is finding someone who sees everything you
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