Tutorial: Optics and Cm

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PC1222 Fundamentals of Physics II Tutorial 8 1. Refraction of Light I. When a man stands near the edge of an empty drainage ditch of depth 2.80 m, he can barely see the boundary between the opposite wall and bottom of the ditch as shown. The distance from his eyes to the ground is 1.85 m. (a) What is the horizontal distance d from the man to the edge of the drainage ditch? (b) After the drainage ditch is filled with water as shown, what is the maximum distance x the man can stand from the edge and still see the same boundary? [Ans: 1.65 cm] 2. Refraction of Light II. A light ray enters a rectangular block of plastic at an angle θ1 = 45.0◦ and emerges at an angle θ2 = 76.0◦ as shown. (a) Determine the index of refraction of the …show more content…

[Ans: 22.4 cm; 28.4 cm] PC1222: Fundamentals of Physics II Semester I, 2013/14 Tutorial 8 Page 3 of 3 6. Lens-Mirror System. A convex lens ( f = 20.0 cm) is placed 10.0 cm in front of a plane mirror. A matchstick is placed 25.0 cm in front of the lens as shown. (a) If you look through the lens toward the mirror, where will you see the image of the matchstick? (b) Is the image real or virtual? Explain. (c)

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