Types Of Wrongful Laws Dealing With Child Birth And They Are Wrong Life, Wrong Birth, Wrongful,

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There are four different types of wrongful laws dealing with child birth and they are wrong life, wrong birth, wrongful pregnancy and wrongful breech. Wrongful life means that the child can sue its parents or anybody that is raising them for being born. Wrongful life and wrongful birth is similar but different because wrongful birth is the parents suing the doctor or hospital for the disabled of their child. Wrongful pregnancy is the parent becoming pregnant or had a child without planning or wanting it, this happens when the pregnancy is not detected or failed procedures and the child is damaging the mother. Wrongful breech is a warranty that the mother or child can sue the doctor because of a bad embryo was used during an in vitro…show more content…
If one or both parents have filed a wrongful birth lawsuit has a genetic condition that carries a high risk of having major birth defects in children, during a genetic counseling and their doctor had failed to diagnose the condition and inform the parent about the risk of birth defects.
In 1975, the Jacobs vs Theimer was filed by the Supreme Court of Texas about a woman named Dortha Jean Jacobs had contracted rubella during her first trimester and subsequently had giving birth to a child, whose major organs were defective. Mrs. Jacobs had filed a lawsuit against her doctor, Louise M. Theimer for his negligence of failing to diagnose the rubella or to advise her of the attendant risk, the damages for medical expenses for treatments and the care of the child and emotional suffering. In 1969, parties had learned that the child was exposed to rubella and in mid-1969, a heart surgery was performed and was followed up with many other operations and treatments in different states. Mrs. Jacobs said she would have terminated her pregnancy if she had known and was properly informed by doctor Theimer. Mrs. Jacobs said “I would have gone to any length to have found out what the chances of my child were, and after having found this out, I would have done the kindest thing that I could have known to have done for her, and that
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