What Is The US Consumer Product Safety Commission?

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The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission have a job to do and it is based on protecting the consumer from dangerous risk of injury of death, that is associated with many kind of consumers products under the agency jurisdiction( There has been many deaths and it has caused the world a trillions of dollars, annually, chemical and mechanized hazards has been many, the consumer has worked to make sure that safety it a number one factor ( Products included, Toys, Cribs, tools, Cigarettes lighter and household chemicals, they have made sure that there has been a great decline in death and injuries that has been associated With products ( The …show more content…

The Product safety Act will seek injunctions, to stop products that are hazardous to consumers, they will sometimes seek civil penalties, they make sure those products such as motor vehicles, boats, aircraft, and firearms, are regulated by other government agencies as well. Safety The Product safety Act will request the manufactured cease and decease tight away from making them. The court will issue large fines if the manufacture will not stop making the faulty products( U.s Consumer product safety commission is in charge of protecting the public, because there has been thousands of lives loss because unsafely of products ( Not only death and injury has been caused, it has also been property damage from consumer’s products. The CPSC has prided themselves on protecting consumers and families from safety issues( Many recalled are voluntary, but some are involuntary, but if any products are suspected to be dangerous of. The consumer commission protects thousand of consumer (Food, Drug and Consumer Product Act of 1972) Name of Product: Quadski and Quadski XL, the product were recalled on 2/3/2015 Due to Injury Risk. A Quadski which is a one-seater and Quadski XL which is a two-seater. The products had very high speed amphibious vehicles that are an ATV on land, and also operate on

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