USA Today Article: Scholarly Or Popular Source?

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When looking at each of the articles presented, there are defining factors that allow researchers to determine whether or not it is a scholarly or popular resource. Of the two articles, one can assert that the USA Today Article is a popular source and the article by Baker and Algorta (2016) is a scholarly source. Each of these sources has their advantages and disadvantages due to the stylistic devices employed by the writers. With the help of each article, knowledge of readers and viewers is expanded, and while there are some facets that detract from the quality of the knowledge gained, the readers benefits from the time spent reading. In the USA Today article and the article by Baker and Algorta (2016), one can use their differences to decide…show more content…
al., 639). Although readers of the article can comprehend what the researcher is asserting, it is simplified in the USA Today article to succinctly state the link between Facebook and depression: “Social media-linked depression potentially [stems] from not only what people do online but also how their experiences linger with them afterward. (Hatner, para 3). When the author of the USA Today source describes the link between depression and Facebook, they simply say that there is a lingering effect of using Facebook and making comparisons. Although the scholarly article is saying that Facebook can intrude on daily life, they use more complicated jargon. Whereas the scholarly source uses sources for almost every sentence, there is limited citation in the USA Today source. In the USA Today article, they only quote the author of the survey once. Since the researchers of the Baker and Algorta article present research based on the research of others, they heavily cite their evidence while the popular source only cited the basic idea of the lead researcher, David Baker. In these articles,…show more content…
Since the vocabulary of the popular source is so simplistic, it caters to a more general audience and allows them to grasp the more important aspects of the Baker and Algorta article that was summarized. As the reader is allowed to gain this knowledge, there is a broadening of information that effects the general population. Since the general public is able to grasp this information, it makes it more accessible to those that would not normally come across scholarly articles that alienate those who are not researchers or students. While the article has simplistic language and makes the information more accessible, there are disadvantages. The article lacks citation which makes the information that the public is able to receive less credible. Since the information is less credible, it makes the information that the public receives more easily misconstrued. Alongside the lack of credibility, there is too much general information. The information that the public receives lacks a large amount of context that allows readers to gather more detailed and nuanced information that coexists with the research provided. Due to the nature of a popular source, less background knowledge of the subject is required; however, there is more opportunity for wrong information, for it is brief and can often be
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