Uber : The Largest Point At Point Transportation Network Of Its Kind

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Uber is developing the largest point-to-point transportation network of its kind which has been extremely helpful for all kinds of passengers. Uber is literally changing the definition of the way world moves (Moon, 2015). However, unlike traditional logistics companies like UPS, FedEx, DHL Uber has an incredibly very limited infrastructure as it owns no vehicles, employs no drivers, and pays no vehicle maintenance costs. Instead, its network relies on peer-to-peer coordination between drivers and passengers, empowered by sophisticated software and a well established reputation system. Despite Uber 's early success, it is an extremely polarizing company and has a highly disruptive business model which is outpacing many of the laws …show more content…

The degree of the multiple is determined by the ratio between the number of demands for an Uber ride and the supply of Uber drivers at that time when the surge in effect. Uber pricing is continuously fluctuating and so the Uber rates at any one time and place may vary a lot. I don’t see any reason that might appear this pricing policy to be unfair. Pricing is based on demand and high price is to ensure availability of ride at extreme weather conditions such as heavy raining, snow fall etc. as it is providing incentive to the drivers. Previously in such situations people had to wait for long time to get a ride from taxi drivers as there pricing is flat for almost all the weather and other situation where demand of ride may rise a lot. Sometimes it is said to be that surge pricing policy taken by Uber in exploitative as they’re seeming to take advantage of the situations (Dholakia, 2015). But the real world doesn’t work always in a straight way. If the pricing is not good enough to provide extra incentive to the drivers, then they are not willing to provide ride in such situations. In my opinion surge pricing policy is both win-win situation for driver and customer. However, sometimes surge pricing may have some flaws. If local taxi companies or other

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