Ukraine as a ‘Bridge’ Between Russia and European Union

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For my essay I’ve chosen the topic: ‘Ukraine as a ‘bridge’ between Russia and EU’. I found it really interesting, especially in current situation, after the Presidential elections. And, of course, the topic is very important to me, as I’m Ukrainian and studying in the country, which belongs to EU. In this paper it would be considered: reasons of forming of current situation in Ukraine; relationships and perspective of development of them with Russia; relationships and perspective of development of them with EU; current situation after Presidential elections and outcomes of influences it could have on further position of Ukraine on the international arena.
From times of Kyiv Russ Ukrainian land was separated on two parts: eastern and
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He also failed in choosing right internal and external politic. Also, the victory of ‘Orange revolution’ didn’t change anything and all separations between regions left, so we can say that Ukrainian people didn’t get what they wanted.
Sooner or later, Ukraine will have to switch to the model of single leader, as it happens in other democratic countries. We should forget about dividing ourselves on two parts, but this could come only with time, step by step.
When talking about Russia and Ukraine, few main conflicts in these relationships could be seen, among them: withdrawal of Chernomor Fleet, Gas problem, and integration of Ukraine to EU and NATO.
First of all, as a consequence of collapse of Soviet Union, Ukraine appeared to be not in convenient situation, as it was dependent on Russia’s gas and main pipes were going trough Ukraine. Of course, firstly it was very convenient, as deals with Russia were not that expensive and Ukrainian economy wasn’t that separate from Russia’s. But first conflicts were appearing in few years already, like a trial to change agreement. ‘Orange revolution’ changed everything upside down. For Russia it was a threat, because Ukraine was trying to act on its own with opening hand to Europe. And for Russia it was losing something that it owned and that mentally belonged to it.
First conflict took place in 2005-2006, after negotiations conflict was resolved, however the problem didn’t disappear. Second conflict
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