Ultrasonic Ring Research Paper

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A Masonic ring can be one of your most prized possessions because it symbolizes you being a part of an organization with a long and proud historical tradition. However, there are many people that may not be sure of how to properly care for these rings. Failing to take basic steps to preserve these rings can allow them to quickly fall into a state of disrepair. Fortunately, you can use these two tips to avoid many of the threats and problems rings must endure. Clean Your Rings Once Every Few Months It is common for people to wear their Mason ring during almost every waking hour. However, you may not realize the importance of cleaning the ring on a regular basis. Over time, the sweat from your hands will combine with dirt and dust to form a dingy layer over…show more content…
During these servicings, the jeweler will ensure the pins or adhesives holding the jewels in place are in good condition. Without this type of servicing, the jewels will gradually loosen until they fall out of the ring. Unfortunately, you will be unlikely to notice this problem is developing until the jewel has fallen out of the ring. By having the ring serviced every year, this risk can be greatly mitigated. In addition to adjusting the jewelry, these professionals will also be able to thoroughly clean the ring using special chemicals. These chemicals will dissolve any accumulations or dirt on the ring without harming the precious metals or stones that make your Masonic ring beautiful. If you have recently purchased or been given a Masonic ring, it is critical for you to take as good of care as possible for this piece of jewelry. Sadly, it is common for people to fail to understand what is needed to keep the ring in good condition. By cleaning the ring with dish soap, water and a toothbrush as well as having it serviced each year, you can make sure that your ring looks great for as long as
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