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Question 1: How do you define leadership?
I think leadership is a concept of getting to the top and staying at the top. The best leaders are people whose personality is suited well to guide. Leadership shapes a person into a better person in the long run. Even after you’re done being a leader, the lessons you learn from it carry with you. And once you become a leader it’s not, snap your fingers, you’re done, that’s it. It’s how you can improve from their as well.

Question 2: Do you consider yourself successful in leadership? Why or why not?
I am only eighteen, so I don’t think I’ve really achieved anything majorly successful in leading. But I have had leadership opportunities, like section leader before, and think I am successful in these
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However, the part of the interview that taught me the most is question four. This question changed my view on how one can be a good leader. The way Uma explains how it is better to relax and almost let good leadership come to you, is completely different from my usual way of thinking. I am someone who knows what they want, and while this seems like a strength, it can also be an achilles heel. I tend to stress over the tiny details rather than the bigger picture, so it is quite freeing to know that being a good leader can happen naturally as long as one practices what they preach. The idea that being excellent at leading can be a side effect of embodying the good morales one should teach is really interesting and calming for…show more content…
Winds usually work together, the drumline goes to the back field, and the guard works with Danny and Kristen. I know it is not always practical, but I think it would be nice to have more time with the other sections. I feel like the only people I truly know in the band are wind players. Marching band is supposed to be a family, but I never see most of my family. I do not feel like I am even properly introduced to the other sections during pre-camp. It would be nice to have more time with the other sections in marching band. Whether that be through social events or more rehearsals together, it would give people, especially the freshmen the opportunity to meet people and make new friends. Which is such a valuable part of the marching band
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