Understanding Animal Research

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Animals are the only other human. Animals should be used for research because it helps find cures. Animals are closely linked to humans in DNA. It is the best way not to test on human nor cause any problems that don't need to be caused if the scientist uses animals for these test projects it will be safer for humans. Animal research has played a vital part in every breakthrough in medicine and it has lasted over a decade It's the best the human race can do for testing. They have been used for vaccines and other cure that have changed the human race (Animal science). Animals have a similar DNA with humans. Animals suffer from the same things like cancer and flu, even asthma is a problem for animals. Animals and humans both have the same …show more content…

The cause of any pain and suffering is only the beginning of making something greater is a cost to new and better things. If someone doesn't do something that is not normal how do we know it's not the key to a better world. The thing is, it has to be done the human race is all that matters on this earth. Is it human to kill animals for anything even testing is it human to hurt a man's best friend what has the human race come to hurting anything than themselves . (Understanding Animal Research).
Some people say it just murder.
Animal testing is so much money, The cost of animal testing is not needed if no test are done and if their is no test the animals can enjoy their lives said a environmental expert and for a cancer test it cost about 2 million to 4 million and that money could be used for other uses and cancer is a big problem today, but hunger is another problem or even global warming lots of things are happening to this earth and money is the only way to help it (Understanding Animals). Testing on animals that don't have a choice is wrong people say in stop the test organization,they say “what would you do if your kid or even yourself was taken after birth to be tested on and not ever coming back” . An animal that was born in the lab and hasn't been outside is cruel the animals don't get to enjoy their lives before they are tested on and that's something that is wrong about animal testing and it doesn't stop

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