Understanding Cancer In Pets

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Understanding Cancer in Pets

Research: Meta Description: Cancer can be a serious condition in cats and dogs much the way it can be in humans; here’s what to look out for.
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Cancer in Pets and Companion Animals
Cancer is one of the most common causes of chronic illness and untimely death in pets and companion animals. It typically occurs in middle-aged or older dogs and cats and may be responsible for as many as a third of all cat deaths and half of all dog deaths after the age of ten. Cancer in pets, just like in humans, comes …show more content…

All living organisms have pre-cancerous cells growing in them at all times. Typically an animal’s immune system will keep these in check. However, if the immune system becomes suppressed or fails for some reason, the unchecked growth of these cells leads to tumors or masses that stress the body and immune system further and may ultimately result in death.
Signs and Effects of Cancer in Pets
Cancer symptoms can be very difficult to detect or recognize as cancer by most pet owners. Cancer symptoms may look like very much like the symptoms of other pet illnesses. This is one excellent reason to make sure that a veterinarian sees your pets regularly, especially as they reach middle and old age. Also, make sure that you take your animal to see a vet immediately if you notice lumps or tumors on or just under their skin.
Other symptoms of cancer in pets can include radical sudden weight loss, respiratory changes or difficulty breathing, lack of interest in regular activities like play or exercise, loss of appetite, vomiting, increased urination, difficulty urinating, difficulty passing stool or changes in frequency, increased thirst, bleeding from the mouth or rectum, a mass along the jaw line or gum line, an generally offensive odor, unusual joint stiffness or lameness, and

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