Understanding Expatriate Failure

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Expatriate Failure: Expatriate failure is normally described as a posting that concludes prematurely or is regarded as ineffective by senior management. Expatriation has become an important factor in today's business environment because of the constant increase in competition in the global market. Furthermore, this process is integral because of the need for organizations to staff workers from the firm in the home country to the overseas subsidiaries for the purpose of creating a local presence and maintaining international competition. Consequently, the expatriation process needs more planning and training before exit and adaptation as well as re-adaptation to the home country. In most cases, problems and issue that arise during the international assignment can result in premature termination of assignment or expatriate failure. Understanding the Meaning of Expatriate Failure: The definition of expatriate failure has been a major dispute or controversial topic in past and current literature on expatriation. In most cases, the term has normally been described as premature return or untimely termination of international assignments that are considered as ineffective by the senior management of an organization. Nonetheless, the definition of this concept within these limits is extremely narrow because it incorporates an increasing great deal. The main limitation with the consideration of expatriate failure as premature return is that it implies that expatriate
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