Understanding Management And Psychological Theory

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Assignment 2 – Understanding management and psychological theory is the most effective way to learn about managing people. Firstly, throughout this essay I will be identifying and underlining the fact whether management and psychological theories are arguably the most effective ways to learn how to manage people given the correct tuition and guidance. The background of the debate is exactly how or do managers learn to manage people through theory, or could it be through experiential learning. This is an important debate due to the fact that it will provide an answer on what actually is the most effective way to learn about managing people. It will allow me to demonstrate an understanding of this issue by evidently showing to the readers…show more content…
2007, p.3) It is evident that this quotation suggests that being a manager comes with certain responsibilities and skills you must have in order to run a team successfully. When given the opportunity to be a manager, you must be aware there are roles that come with the title as quoted by Sampat Mukherjee “A role is a set of expectations for a manager’s behaviour. These roles are divided into three conceptual categories: informational (managing by information); interpersonal (managing through people) and decisional (managing through action” (Mukherjee and Basu, 2005, p.9) signifying that each role will always represent a type of activity that a manager must undertake in order to complete the functions of planning, organising, leading and controlling people. As a part of our debate, what we want to find out what exactly is management learning within the workplace. “Management learning is an area of both professional practice and theoretical inquiry, and has a special concern the linking of these two domains in a way that advances both” (Burgoyne and Reynolds, 1997, p.2) This quotation arguably suggests that management learning requires practice and theory to be linked, so that the two domains benefit the learner by applying these two methods together in order to learn management efficiently. Professional practice or experience as previously mentioned is equally as
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