Understanding The Scope Of Information Derived From Devices, And Images Essay

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Understanding the scope
Nowadays most computer-human interaction happens through the Internet; however, data that was originally gather by other means can be digitalized and ended up being mined. Minable information, produced by people and therefore subject to the ethical issues discuss in here, can be divided in 4 different categories: user input, usage, information derived from devices, and images.
User input: is all the information that is explicitly added in a way or another. This includes personal information (name, address telephone, age, gender, marital status etc.), comments, opinions, text messages, emails and documents. In addition to previously presented examples, some companies, like Geofeedia (, scan social medial traffic, text messaging, and geolocation services to identify abnormalities like terrorist acts, natural events, or accidents. The system detects, through data mining algorithms, keywords contained in the messages related with these events in transmission within areas in close proximity. In the case of medical records, this information also includes information about illnesses, treatment, or clinical history.
Usage: This is information that the user is not aware of most of the time, but the service provider logs, keeps track of, process and acts upon on. This information provides clues about what the user preferences, and likes are. It is used most of the time as feedback to improve the service, but it is most

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