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Unicon Concrete Products – Case Report
Module Four
Operations and process Management
Josh Smith
March 30th, 2011
Lisa Rasmey

Table of Contents Executive Summary 3 Issue Identification 4 Environmental and Root Cause 5 Alternative and/or Options 7 Recommendation and Implementation 8 Monitor and Control 10

Executive Summary
Mr. Li has an opportunity with Unicon to direct it in a new focused direction. With its competitive advantage it has established with the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HKHA). I recommend pursuing the blanket approval process with HKHA. These efficiencies could prove beneficial for both parties as this will greatly reduce lead time and costs. Façade and slabs is the growing trend in the industry and
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* High profit margins | * Design not standardized * Made to order | 20 % | Slabs | * machine dependant * high level of demand. * High profit margins * | * Design not standardized * Made to order | 34 % | Stairs. | * High profit margins * Standard product * No engineering documents required * | * Smallest of product lines * Less demand * | 6 % |

Facades and slabs are becoming the growing trend. Together they make up 54% of Unicons sales. This is becoming the industry trend amongst general contractors. The stairs product line is still profitable; It is not a core product for Unicon. This uses up valuable production space and manpower.
Partitioning walls are used, but slowly becoming a legacy product and the trend is toward precasting. They require engineering documents that are expensive and time consuming.
The production process for the facades and slabs are identical, however the plant capacity are uneven. Unicon uses subcontractors to provide labour for this production. One subcontractor provides 2 teams of 4 for slab production, while another subcontractor provides 3 teams of 4 for slab production. The plant has 25 facade moulds and 64 slab moulds. Some slabs could be used to produce 2 slabs and daily

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