Curled Metals Case Essay

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Curled Metal Inc.—Finding the Perfect Price Brief Description of Company and the Situation Curled Metal Inc. (CMI) specializes in selling metal-based products to various markets. With over $55 million in annual sales (FY 2007, Exhibit A), they’ve managed to capture 80% of the automobile industry’s market share by developing and selling a highly specialized product, Slip Seal, designed just for auto manufacturers. They’ve seen a recent slip in sales (a loss of nearly 10% from 2006 to 2007, Exhibit 2), and the pressure is on them to diversify their product line and decrease dependence on the auto industry. They’ve recently developed a new product that aims to revolutionize the pile-driving industry. The introduction of the CMI Cushion …show more content…

The savings for the customer, however, comes from the savings in labor costs. Estimating a total of $714 labor costs/hour (Exhibit A), the approximate labor savings totals $5.08/foot driven (using Sanwal’s conservative estimates of 292,000,000 feet driven per year, page 5). Comparatively, CMI pads result in only $3.57/foot driven. On a job of 15,000 feet, the difference in value is $22,650 in saved labor costs alone. Consequently, a customer should be willing to pay $5.28/foot driven for the CMI Cushion Pads (see Figure 4). With this value-added, CMI can charge up to $2,837 for one pad, which would make the price exactly as much as the cheapest competitor (including labor costs). With that price, CMI would only have to sell 21,854 pads (which would service approximately 12% of the market, a feasible goal for CMI’s entrance) to make $62,000,000.00 (VP Joseph Fernandez’s approximate sales goal). The recommended CMI price, however, is $1986.34 (which is the value-capturing price of $2,837 with a 30% reduction). With an estimated 292,000,000-390,000,000 driven feet per year, the pile-driving

industry is large enough for many sellers. CMI’s foray into this industry is new, however; in order to develop clientele, CMI should cultivate several segments (namely, the large engineering contractors, consulting engineers, and independent contractors), in addition to a media blitz

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