Unit 1 Equality and Diversity

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Unit 1 Equality and Diversity Level 4Theory assignment Methodology The aims and objectives of this unit are to show an understanding of the role of Equality and Diversity in education I have chosen to research and write about those areas that are relevant and appropriate to the work that I am doing, in order to improve my teaching practice. This hopefully means that the skills I have learned pertaining to research around the subjects will help to fill in any gaps in my knowledge as I continue to develop professionally. The way in which I approached my research was to begin writing notes on all the information I already knew about each area. I then concentrated on the areas I had little or no knowledge about; I began to …show more content…

As a teacher my work is influenced by the following legislations and codes of practice Race Relations Act 1976 and 2000 This legislation states that schools/colleges have a duty to promote race equality. All schools must have a race equality policy with an action plan. The legislation also states that it is unlawful to discriminate in admissions, treatment as a pupil, exclusion, decisions made by the LEA and decisions on SEN. Schools/colleges must; *eliminate racial discrimination *promote equality of opportunity between different racial groups *promote relationships between different racial groups Schools must follow specific duties outlined in the legislation, an example of these are; *to have a policy for promoting racial equality *assess the impact of their policy including staff, pupils and parents of different racial groups *monitor their impact on attainment levels of such pupils Overall it is the responsibility of the school/college management team and the staff to ensure that pupils, staff and parents of different racial groups are treated equally, given the same opportunities and attaining the same targets as their peers. Disability Discrimination Act 1995/2005 It is now a requirement for the inclusion of

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