Unit 1 Reflection

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My county is a rural community with a majority lower-middle to middle class population. The high school consists of about 600 students, with very little diversity. My school has also implemented a new 1:1 technology initiative. The goal is for every student to have their own chromebook by next school year. We have also begun implementing the new Common Core Curriculum. Since my county started school earlier than most, we were one of the first systems to begin the new standards. This has been a school year of new standards, and new technology
The class I decided to video is an Honors English III. The class consists of 13 females, and 11 males. There is a group in this class that can be quite gregarious, while the other half stay fairly quiet.
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For example, they discussed the racism involving Crooks. They also brought up the issue of jealousy and greed, which are obvious negative attributes. What they noticed the most, however, was that overall, the novel seemed to exude goodness. For example, George’s love for Lennie, and Lennie’s innocence. I decided to then pose the question “What would be different if this story was told in present day?” Again, the students had lots to say. For example, they said that Lennie would be treated extremely different if he were alive today. Instead of being seen as “less human,” he would be catered to in the present day. They also brought up the treatment of Crooks, and the fact that racism may still exist, but no one would actually make a person of a different color live in a barn. I then asked them what they thought about George in the present day; they affirmed that George would still visit Lennie and have a friendship with him. We concluded the video with the fact that social interaction has changed through the years, and it probably will continue…show more content…
The first discussion was about The Scarlet Letter and The Crucible. I wanted to focus more on character development and symbolism with that forum; therefore, we did not target the idea of the human condition. With an honors group, one of the elements is to strengthen their critical and analytical thinking capacities. I try to emphasize specific elements every time we have a class discussion; whether it be plot, theme, symbolism, or human condition.
This honors class was more difficult for me. Their critical and analytical thinking capabilities were weaker than what I have had in the past. Therefore, I had to change my teaching strategy to fit with the students I have now. For example, as evidence from the video, I did a lot of the talking. Since the overall goal is for the students to discuss more than the teacher, it shows that the students either did not know what to say, or did not feel comfortable enough to speak. Either way, I feel that the students should have discussed more with each other instead of listening to
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