Unit 3 Assignment 1: A Dedicated Server Hosting

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Big businesses are in need of powerful servers that offer high performance with maximum reliability, dependability and speed. They need dedicated server hosting. There is no hindrance in the flow of traffic irrespective of the data coming and going to the server. The support team from the hosting company is always available throughout the year. Dedicated server means an entire server that is not shared by anybody else is leased to the customer wherein they get complete control over the server and hardware. The technical maintenance too is managed by the customers themselves with an in-house technical team. This adds to the security level as no outsider gets a chance to access the servers.

Managed dedicated servers enable the user to get access to the admin panel that allows them to set up the basic servers as per server configurations. The server is managed by the service provider. In case of unmanaged server, the user is entirely responsible for maintenance and configuration of the server. Even the installation and any upgrades have to be done by the user. While availing the services of a dedicated server provider the customer is assured of many advantages.
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Round the clock support teams are available to assist the customers with any issues or questions that the customer may have. They help in setting up the server and applications and provide all the services required. Linux users get full root access while the Windows user gets complete administrator
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