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Leadership by Innovation Lucretia M. Taylor MBA6006 Leading Innovation in a Global Organization 76 Highland Court West Haven, CT. 06516 Telephone: 203-507-0538 Instructor: Dr. Douglas Buck Leadership by Innovation Delivering and making short-term profits signaled success for leaders. Globalization, economic uncertainty, and rapid advancing technology in the 21st century have set the stage for a new type of leadership. Today, investors are less concerned with past performance, but with future innovation. Sustainable innovation starts with the leadership of the organization. Proctor and Gamble is an innovative leader. The following is an analysis of the leadership qualities that create…show more content…
Observing Observing in this sense is not the casual way one views the world every day. Instead, “you have to consciously be looking for surprises-the unexpected-because they are typically lost as our minds conform what we see to fit our preexisting beliefs” (Dyer, Gregerson, & Christensen, p. 102). Observing requires more than just what the eye can see, but must include all one’s senses, similar to what one does in their environment. In order to see something different an anomaly, it is important to change your environment, by visiting another country, organization, or industry. This expands one’s point of reference and has the potential to spark the innovative process. Networking Traditional networking focuses on building relationships with people who can provide them with the resources they seek. “Innovators are less likely to network for resources or career progression; rather, they actively tap into new ideas and insights by talking with people who have diverse ideas and perspectives” (Dyer, Gregerson, & Christensen, p. 115). Innovators use networking to learn new things, test ideas, target people who are different from them in backgrounds and perspectives (Dyer, Gregerson, & Christensen, p. 115). Experimenting Innovative leaders take reasonable risks when bringing a new product or service to market. They also expect to fail more than they succeed. Taking acceptable risks starts with experimenting.

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