United Airlines Business Report : Case Study

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Blake Bunch
Professor Barron
Feb. 6, 2015
United Airlines Business Report After evaluating United Airlines and the people’s reviews I am confident to say that as a company, United Airlines is on the right track. As a consultant for the company, I could really bring about the small and simples flaws that would make flying with United more enjoyable and be the most prefered airlines in the coming years. One thing that was stated on the report was that there are many extra expenses for overweight baggage and many more things. We need to apply Henry Mintzberg’s Decisional Managerial Role to really see what we, as a company, can do to make cost more efficient for our customers. With a tad more expensive tickets, we could cut down on the baggage fees and overweight fees which could balance out our low prices, but high baggage fee, therefore making a happy customer. We would have to negotiate a little on both ends for a greater outcome in the long run. I did see that compared to Southwest Airlines, we serve more choices of foods of all kinds to cater to the needs of all our customers. That is a huge plus and innovation and if we continue to expand there is no doubt that people in the coming years will choose United Airlines over any of the other airlines in the business. I could provide many things to this company. I would tackle the Interpersonal side of the company and make sure that we are where we should be as a company. The only thing that makes us work is the

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