Unit's Preparedness Training At The Mobilization Training Center

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Furthermore, each unit is required to balance tasks and benchmarks selected by their respective Adjutants General along with those prescribed by First Army. Generally, deploying units undergo four to eight weeks of medical, administrative, and classroom preparation on top of technical and tactical skill refresher training spanning the year prior to mobilization. Once activated, Soldiers conduct immersive, training scenarios before receiving individual training certification. Meanwhile, theater specific mobilization training and validation of unit’s preparedness occurs at the mobilization-training center and commonly concludes following a 60 to 90 day demonstration of those abilities. Avenger battalions (BN), including each assigned battery (BTRY), obtain validation by First Army Division West which confirm the integrated, collective capabilities of their air defense wartime mission essential tasks at Fort (Ft) Bliss, Texas (TX). Operation Per Diem Throughout the National Guard community those familiar with the national capital region’s air defense mission, often jokingly refer to it as Operation Per Diem. Once a unit receives mobilization orders, Soldiers initiate a scramble to secure an assignment on the deployment-manning document (DMD). Competition for one of the roughly 190 coveted spots is aggressive, because of the financial benefits provided to individual Soldiers. Finally, each rotation in support of Operation Clear Skies experiences an overlap of six months

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